Tea Blossoms

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Have you ever seen the verdant leaves of tea bushes in early summer? My home country, Japan, produces wonderful green tea and I have fond memories of walking through the countryside where you can see the gentle hills that are covered with lush tea plants.
Now living in the state of Washington, I continue to enjoy my cup of hot green tea every morning. And it is a yearly ritual for me to get a fresh batch of green tea harvested in Japan and savor its slightly bitter, buttery green flavor. 
The flowers of this wonderful plant are small and endearing. With a Latin name "Camellia sinensis", tea plants are the cousins of the colorful camellia variety. But a tea blossom is smaller and more modest than the showy camellia; it has white petals with golden stamens in the middle. In its simplicity, it achieves perfection! 
To celebrate its unassuming beauty, I created a new linoleum blockprint with the help of Taylor Cox. 
Double-matted with gold trim. Available in “Fern/Summer” or "Loam/Summer".
Signed and numbered (limited edition of 200) 
Printed with hand-carved linoleum blocks and polymer plates made from hand-cut stencils. Paper: Arches Rives BFK, mold-made in France. Hand-illuminated with gold ink and powder.
Mat size: 14" x 17".
Frame size: 17" x 20"

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