Welcome to the Arts & Crafts Press! Here at our studio in Tacoma, Washington, Yoshiko Yamamoto and her staff are passionate about printing traditional blockprints and letterpress note cards. We print all the greeting cards using the antique letterpress-printing presses. And our colorful limited-edition linoleum and woodblock prints are made using the multiple hand-carved blocks.

While preserving and advancing the traditional aspects of letterpress and woodblock printing, we're striving to print for our future generations. We're committed to searching for alternative, "greener" printing materials and tools, ecological packaging solutions, and safer studio supplies.

We print, because we care and love our friends, family, and environs. So why not take it one step further and print kinder to ourselves and our earth?     --Yoshiko Yamamoto


Molokai on My Mind

December 10, 2017

My planning for the Molokai illustration project for Patagonia Press is shaping up as I write this. The assignment is to create a dozen woodblock print... Continue Reading

Holiday Haul Crawl Pop-Up Mall!

December 02, 2017

We love to work local and support local! As a proud member of the Tacoma's artisanal businesses, I'll be setting up a small pop-up display... Continue Reading