Japan Trip: Paper Making with Mr. Iwano Ichibei

Posted on April 03, 2017 by Yoshiko Yamamoto

Today we visited Mr. Iwano Ichibei, a paper maker who was awarded the rank of Intangible Cultural Property, the highest honor in Japan for the arts. He lives in the quiet hamlet of Echizen, a village that has been making paper for over 1200 years. Frank and brisk, Mr. Iwano showed us his paper-making, the process that his ancestors developed over the centuries. Now 83 years old and ninth generation paper-maker with this name, he is working with his son. His motto that he learned from his father: "Never cut corners". Gathering courage I showed him my work and hesitantly asked him if he could make paper for me. He looked and nodded. So I think I'll be working with him in a near future!!!

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