A Defense of Letter Writing, Notecards, and Snail Mail

Posted on September 15, 2016 by Taylor Cox

I recently came across a TED Talk by Lkshmi Pratury on the lost art of letter writing. She speaks of the connection she was able to keep with her father through old letters after he passed away. It is a wonderfully captivating video and I fully recommend watching it. 

The hand written letter offers a tactile connection between sender and receiver which is lost when the message is sent digitally via email or text. In a hand written letter, the intention and care is evident in the curve of a letter looped across the page. Set to the task of sifting through old emails in our inboxes, how long would we last before being fed up with boredom? Confronted with a box of old letters however, we become lost in the ink on the pages, able to sink into them for hours. 

It may not be the fastest or most efficient form of communication, but a letter is not something that can be lost into the depths of your inbox or in the next software update. It is a way to show the care and intention from one person to another.

It is this tactile connection from sender to receiver that we wish to share with our customers. We lovingly design and print our notecards so that they enhance your everyday life, to make the mundane special and spectacular. So I urge you to write more letters. To find a friend or loved one that lives across the country or even across the street and write them a letter and show them that you care. 


While I admit that the irony of this article being posted on a digital blog is blatantly obvious to me, I would like to note that its ideas originated from ink and paper, lovingly written by hand in my looping, un-spell checked writing. 

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