Peep, peep, peep...

Posted on September 18, 2014 by Yoshiko Yamamoto

Yesterday an email came from Jeff Lord of Liberty Graphics, a high-end silk-screen T-shirt company out of Maine.  Always a happy, cheerful fellow, Jeff said that they’d like to ask me to license my “love chick design for the new line of baby onesies. Is it OK?”

Love Chick Onesies

Now a step-grandma, I was thrilled and overjoyed by the idea of a cute onesie with my design that I can put on Alvin, my grandson. I answered Jeff hastily to “go ahead.”


As a cat has nine lives, my designs have many incarnations. It’s fun to trace their transformations or mutations. So here is the chronology.


I first designed this “Love Chick” image as part of our 2013 Chicken desktop calendar pages.

Calendar 2013 in the box

The “Love Chick” was a February (Valentine) design, with one baby chick giving a heart-shaped leaf to the other.  February




We had four wonderful backyard hens then. When the chicks were still a few weeks old, they loved to play with small twigs and leaves outside. They were adorable and perfect little models; I made many watercolor sketches.


My chicken obsession continued and the calendar images became a set of “mini chicken cards” which were then sold out immediately.

Chicken card


I still couldn’t get enough of the chick image; I decided to add a few more colors and make a full-fledged letterpress card.


And now I’m thinking to try this image on a tea-towel or a mug. . . peep, peep, peep. . .


Love Chick Onesies 2

PS: Jeff says that the “chick” onesies will be available in late November. I can’t wait! If you’d like more information, please check out the website for Liberty Graphics. (

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