Bumble Bee - Earth Forever

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Save the Bumble Bees! Close to home, the small furry neighbors - native bumble bees - are disappearing rapidly and some species have been designated "endangered" by US Fish and Wildlife Service. Bees are chief pollinators of our food and wildflowers. It’s simple: without bees, we have no food. So let’s do our part to help save the bees! Plant native plants; restore native habitats; and use alternatives to pesticides and chemicals. Together we can make a difference!

This broadside was based on Yoshiko Yamamoto’s design and was letterpress-printed by hand using our Vandercook model 4 printing press. Each of the seven colors was printed as a separate imprint on 100% cotton Strathmore paper producing 250 limited-edition, signed copies. 

Part of the proceeds from the Earth Forever series prints will benefit Audubon Society. 

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