Monarch Butterfly

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Monarch butterflies symbolize hope, change and future.

Now that COVID is over and we are living in the changed world, it seems like a fitting subject for spring 2024. 

Even after I moved with my family to Japan to live and work in my small studio in Kamakura, Japan, I still often think of the colorful monarchs of Southern California. 

Today I make prints, using only water-based ink and baren (a burnishing tool used to transfer the carved image that was inked and then pressed onto the paper). The "kozo" mulberry paper is handmade in Echizen which offers amazing durability and elegant soft sheen on the surface due to the long supple fibers of kozo.

Edition of 200

Designed, carved, hand-printed by Yoshiko Yamamoto with the help of Anna Victoria Yamamoto

Matted and framed available 

Matted size: 15.5" x 27.25"

Framed size: 18" x 30"

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