Kindness of Ravens - Proof

The Arts & Crafts Press

Ravens are curious creatures. They are highly intelligent and act much like humans. Backyard companions, they have been bestowed with symbolic meanings in many cultures. Do you think they are the creator of this world, or the one who brought light to this world, or a mediator between the world of the dead and the living? Whatever image one might have, a group of ravens is called an "UNKINDNESS of ravens". Yoshiko Yamamoto created this blockprint out of love toward these fascinating corvid friends, and so here her group of ravens is graciously called "THE KINDNESS of ravens." 

Our block print  frames are made by Dard Hunter Studios in Ohio using quarter-sawn white oak. Mortise-and-tenon edges, Craftsman Oak finish, Loam Mat. 

Proof Print
Mat size: 16" x 34"
Frame size: 20 3/4" x 41"


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