Mt. Rainier - White Pass

The Arts & Crafts Press

This print is based on my sketch near Mt. Rainier, my favorite mountain, during summer 2015. 
As some of you might recall, last August, there was a 100-acre fire that affected the whole Mt. Rainier National Park and beyond. As I was driving my truck with the kids through White Pass, just southeast of Mt. Rainier, we could see and smell the advancing smoke. I noticed that smoke had a curious ability to vivify the colors of the sunset, so glorious, before it totally obstructed our views with its milky murkiness. This print depicts that moment just before the smoke starts settling in. 
Native Americans viewed Mt. Rainier as a god. Coming from Japan where we revere Mt. Fuji as a goddess, I enjoy the mysterious presence and disappearance of this mountain. And on that late August day, the mountain looked glorious at one point, and then, was gone, the next, like magic, behind the veil of the smoke. 
Matted with Loam mat. Signed and numbered (limited edition of 270).
Letterpress printed with hand-carved linoleum blocks and polymer plates made from hand-cut stencils. Paper: Arches Rives BFK, mould-made in France.
Mat size: 16" x 34"
Frame size: 20 3/4" x 41"

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