2023! Desktop Calendar

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Many of you wrote asking if there would be a 2022 desktop calendar. First of all thank you all for reaching out to me! The short answer is no there will be no 2022 desktop calendar. I’m disappointed to say that with our move to Japan (we’re still unpacking boxes) it just wasn’t possible this year.
But fear not! There will be a 2023 desktop calendar. As you see in the photo above, I'd love to share with you monthly Zen teachings, incorporating my mother's brush calligraphy. Currently I am meeting with superb craftspeople and printers in my old Tokyo neighborhood to collaborate on my future desktop calendars as well as other fun projects. 
(The proverb shown on this sample page in the photo is translated as "After the frost the crimson maple leaves deepens its color" meaning that hardship builds character and brings about beauty.")

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