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Rare Colts Armory Press: chase size is 10" x 15”. It’s in good condition with new rollers. I have seen a hairline crack in the platen when printing with great pressure on it, so it needs to be used gently.  We purchased it 23 years ago from Professor Robert Miller from UC Berkeley, who in turn had bought it from, Lawton Kennedy. Kennedy had been a printer for both the Grabhorn Press, and the Jane Grabhorn’s Colt Press in San Francisco, and had obtained the press there. Its unusual design makes it one of the most sought-after platen presses due to the strength of its impression. Rather than pivoting on a central hinge, the platen slides along a rail coming in parallel to meet the ink plate straight on allowing you to get a stronger impression with more ease than the usual platen press. Make ready is easier, and you can fill up your chase with more material with this press. It come with a motor and variable frequency drive control. Newer rollers. On skids for easy loading and unloading. Due to the hairline crack in the platen, we are asking only $850. Weighs about 1000 lbs. Local pick up or arrange your own shipping!

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