2024 Vegetable Calendar (desktop)

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For the tenth year, I'm again thrilled to design and produce a new desktop letterpress calendar for 2024.

Kamakura - where we are located - is surrounded by fertile hillsides, and is close to the refreshing breeze of the Pacific Ocean. Besides being known as the ancient capital of Japan, Kamakura has recently become famous for its produce, "Kamakura Vegetables" - the brilliantly-colored veggies with flavors that burst in your mouth. 

For this year's calendar, I especially enjoyed working with Haguruma Insatsu in Osaka, Japan, for their gorgeous letterpress printing work and Dard Hunter Studios in Ohio for their signature oak stands. 

Bonus features! At year's end, you can separate the top of each calendar page to make your own correspondence card that you can send to your family & friends. For your convenience we are including a set of 12 fitted envelopes for the correspondence cards. 


Page size: 5.5" x 7.5" (taller than our previous year's calendar)

12 images for the year

January: Red daikon radish 

February: Rape-seed Blossoms

March: Onions

April: Carrots

May: Bamboo Shoots

June: Shiso (Perilla herb)

July: Lettuce

August: Tomatoes

September: Cucumbers

October: Eggplant

November: Pumpkins

December: Chili Peppers

(Please note; your orders will be shipped out by mid-October.)


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