2023 Zen Calendar (desktop)

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As our first big project since moving to Kamakura, Japan, we are proud to present our new bilingual Zen calendar for 2023.

For this project, I asked a master calligrapher, Mr. Kawamoto, who lives near us in Kamakura, Japan to create a set of twelve brush calligraphic messages. As some of you know, Kamakura is the birthplace of Japanese Zen buddhism and our new studio is surrounded by zen temples dating back to 13th century. 

I am also excited about our new collaboration with Miyata Printing, a third-generation letterpress printing studio in the heart of Tokyo. I am in awe of the precision and beauty of their presswork. It's been wonderful to work with Ms. Chika Yamamoto, the young proprietor who is continuing the family legacy with her team of pressmen.

The botanical illustrations were based on my 12 floral woodblock images, to accompany the calligraphic messages.

Bruce Smith, my husband and a wordsmith, worked with me on translating the Zen messages. 

And our very special oak calendar stands are made by Dard Hunter Studios. Please note that this year's calendar is made with different paper available in Japan, so the previous year's stands will not work as well. 

Included Zen messages are:

January: 日々是好日 Each day, this day, is good

February: 松無古今色 Pine Trees, now or in the past, do not change their color

March: 春光日々新 Each spring day brings renewal

April: 桜花無尽蔵 Cherry blossoms, fragile, behold eternity

May: 和敬清寂 Harmony Respect Purity Tranquility

June: 行雲流水 Clouds float  Rivers flow

July: 喝 "Kaa!" (Be here, Be now)

August: 心静即身涼 Quiet Mind   Calm Body

September: 本来無一物 In essence, all is nothing

October: 一粒万々倍 A single grain becomes ten thousand

November: 経霜楓林紅 Through frost, maple leaves turn crimson

December: 一期一会 One moment  One meeting


All the calendars come with an oak wood stand. Page size: 5.5 x 5.5

(Please note; your orders will be shipped out by mid-September.)


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