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Did you know that the Sather Tower, the beloved landmark of University of California Berkeley (a.k.a “The Campanile”) is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary? Designed by John Galen Howard, the architect who was responsible for the overall Beaux-Art-style campus plan, the Campanile was built on a central axis on campus, overlooking the sweeping view of the San Francisco bay. Its first twelve-bell carillon music was played on November 6th, 1917.
As a graduate of UC Berkeley more than twenty years ago, I remember those days of intense study, heavy backpacks filled with books, and the wondrous sound of the campanile. While there, writing countless essays and preparing for seminars and tests, I also learned to make blockprints and letterpress printing. My husband and I opened our ambitious small letterpress studio in Berkeley while I was still an undergraduate. Those were the busy exciting days and it all seems like dream now.  This Campanile print is my tribute to the memory of those creative days in Berkeley and our beautiful Campanile!

The Campanile print is letterpress-printed, using thirteen hand-carved blocks on 100% cotton paper

Limited edition of 240

Mat size: 12" x 18"

Frame size: 15" x 22.5"

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