The Golden Gate - Summer Fog

The Arts & Crafts Press

Why do we all love the San Francisco landmark Golden Gate Bridge? Is it its graceful design of the suspension bridge? Or its famous warm red paint color? Or the astonishing turquoise color of the Golden Gate strait?

To me it's all about the fog.  Sometimes it wafts in gently from the Pacific, other times totally engulfing and completely obscuring the view of the bridge. Yes, it makes for chilly summer mornings in San Francisco. But I love the fog in San Francisco. 

Especially as artist I’m fascinated by fog. Without the famous fog, the bridge looks naked and sad, losing symmetry. The bridge becomes whole with the fog and I’m totally obsessed by its interplay with the landscape. 

This print is letterpress-printed, using fourteen blocks on 100% cotton paper.

 Limited Edition of 220

Mat size: 15.5" x 29.5"
Frame size: 21.25" x 36.5"

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